Laundry Machines:

                    NITC Laundry Machine is constructed with high quality stainless steel inner and outer basket of 304 grade (Optional 316 grade for dyeing purpose). These value oriented units are suitable for all types of processing i.e., Washing, Dyeing, Enzyme, Bleaching and etc. And these are available in Steam, Electric and Thermic fluid options. Heating and Water level are controlled through electric and pneumatic solenoid valves (Optional). The front glass door in the laundry machine allows easy viewing even when the machine is running. It has Auto reverse facility that eradicates manual need to reserve the machine during various processes. There is an option for variable frequency controlled drive(Inverter) for required cylinder speed. Specially designed stuffing box filled with gland packing and silicon seals. No chances of leakage. NITC Laundry Machine is available from 15 kgs to 200 kgs with a proper liquor ratio of 1:10 and a comparatively 20% more loading capacity that allows bulk load to be washed , dyed or processed in a single run. There is an exceptionally large door opening for top loading so that heavy loads can be loaded and unloaded easily. It has an open pocket and is heavy duty ensuring more durability. More over for the first time in industrial Garment Washing and Garment dyeing, this machine provides you with double water inlet, double water outlet and double steam inlet (Optional) to make processing easier and quicker. 
As a conclusion we would like to emphasise our main motto in constructing this machine.
    More Loading capacity
    Low water consumption
    Low Steam consumption
    Less time in Process
    More durability
    Less maintenance